New Q-Lever Freestanding Cantilevered Shelving – Clever Storage Solutions

Eagle’s NEW Q-Lever (Clever) Freestanding Cantilevered Shelving maximizes your storage with its patent-pending design.  Freestanding shelving allows access to all corners and is available in standard and heavy duty options.  With no front uprights, accessibility and productivity are improved.  Shelves and accessories can be easily adjusted without tools and traditional and heavy duty shelves can be interchanged on the same unit.


This shelving can be easily expanded side to side with add-on units which share a common upright with the existing unit, which saves you cost and space.


Q-Lever Traditional Standard shelving has a load bearing capacity of 600 lbs. per shelf and 2,000 pounds on the bottom dunnage shelf.

Q-Lever PRO Heavy Duty shelving has a load bearing capacity of 1,200
lbs.* per mid shelf up to 48˝ long, 1,000 lbs.* per mid shelf 54˝-60˝ long,
and 2,000 lbs. on the bottom dunnage shelf.

Q-Lever Cantilever Shelving Brochure

A variety of accessories and options are available to customize the system to your needs.