Sinks On The Go. Just Add Water.

Eagle has such a large selection of portable hand sinks; you’re sure to find the right one for your needs. None require additional plumbing — all you need is water and a 120-volt receptacle. (If you don’t have water and a 120-volt receptacle, we’re a bit surprised that you even have Internet access.)

Fully portable with cold and (optional) hot water.

Fully portable with cold and (optional) hot water.

With every Eagle portable sink, everything is self-contained, right down to the built-in scrap chute with waste can inside the cabinet. There are sinks with laminated plywood cabinet bases, or sinks with heavy gauge stainless steel cabinet bodies. Sinks with single 10˝ x 14˝ stainless steel bowls, three stainless steel bowls, or one removable acrylic water plate (patent pending). Each sink can run hot and cold water (with the hot water heater included), or with cold water only. On many of our sinks an optional poly board can be used, turning the surface into a portable cutting area or prep station. When you use the cutting board, the removable water plate must be removed from the unit, which ensures the faucet automatically remains off. This acts as a safety feature to prevent the faucet from being activated while doing prep work. See it in action:

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel top, box marine edge on front and end
  • 8-1/2˝-high backsplash (sinks with stainless bowls) or 10-1/4˝-high backsplash (sinks with acrylic water plate)
  • Deck mount faucet with 8˝ spout and quarter-turn handles
  • Towel rack accommodates standard rolled paper towels
  • Deck mount soap dispenser
  • 5-gallon fresh water tank
  • 7-gallon gray water tank
  • Units with hot & cold water include 2.5-gallon hot water heater and bracket


  • Extra 5-gallon fresh tank
  • Extra 7-gallon soiled tank
  • Perimeter bumper
  • Electronic-eye faucet
  • Custom etching in water plate (restaurant/hotel name, etc.)
  • Poly board for sinks with water plate

Portable Hand Sinks with Stainless Steel Cabinet

  • Stainless steel cabinet body with double pan hinged stainless steel locking door
  • 4˝ casters (2 w/brake, 2 swivel) with non-marking tread
  • Dimensions: 24˝ width, 26˝ length, 44-1/2˝ height

Portable Hand Sinks with Laminated Cabinets

  • Plywood cabinet base with “Biltmore Cherry” Wilsonart® laminated millwork
  • Locking doors with satin finish handles
  • 3˝ recessed plate casters with rubber tread
  • Dimensions: 25˝ width, 28˝ length, 44-1/2˝ height